Here Are the Facts about the MSDN Academic Alliance Program

February 4, 2010

I am trying to help out the DeAnza CIS department with information readily available on the web since it seems nobody at the CIS and Business Division at DeAnza has been able to find this obvious information:

Q. If we sign our departments up for MSDNAA, will this cover all students at our universities?

A. No, MSDNAA is sold by the department and intended for use by students taking classes in the department.

This is quoted verbatim from Microsoft Academic Alliance website ( answer to question 15!

What’s so hard to understand about this? MSDN software is sold BY DEPARTMENT, NOT BY INDIVIDUAL CLASSES!!!


Why is it impossible to dig up this information? If after reading this, Dean Ron McFarland and the rest of his Division still can’t agree with me that the software is available to every class within the CIS department, then I will need to bring the matter to the President of DeAnza. Believe me, it won’t look good for the Division and the Dean when DeAnza President asks them how they could sign a contract without understanding it.

But you know what? After this experience with the Business and CIS Division, I start to doubt if DeAnza’s President, Brian Murphy, would be able to read either. Perhaps the sorry state of our education system is not from lack of college resources or students’ motivation. It is from the people who are put in charge. They can’t even read and they don’t want to lift a finger to get things done while students are crying out for access to learning.


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